Putting People First

The families of Colorado are struggling to make ends meet. We are worried about putting a roof over our heads, food on our tables, and gas in our cars. We need to address these problems we are facing everyday. We need to put people first.


The Cradle of Space Technology

We are in the Great Reinvention era where people, business, and society reinvent their purpose to thrive during times of constant change and uncertainty. In response, a transformational vision can be adopted to create an enduring and resilient knowledge-based economy where space technology innovation soars proudly.


Abortion Access

I 100% support the right for women to choose abortion. The vast majority of Coloradans also support the right for women to choose abortion. I will work to protect the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) that guarantees the right to choose abortion and guarantees the right to use contraception. These are medical decisions that should be made between a women and her doctor, not our state government.


Fire Mitigation

The unprecedented and recent wildfires should be a wake up call for citizens and lawmakers. We need to prioritize state funding for forest health, fire mitigation, and evacuation routes and facilities to minimize or prevent the damage caused by wildfires.

Water Conservation

Colorado is facing the worst drought in 1,200 years. Our state has diminished snowpack, dried up soils, and dwindling river flows. If we don’t take action to conserve more water now and protect rivers, we could be facing a dire water shortage.



Colorado is facing a serious education crisis. Over 13 years of underfunding our public education system has led Colorado to be ranked among the worst in the nation for competitive teacher pay, has led to an ever decreasing per-student spending amount, and has led to an extreme shortage in teachers, support, and staff. We need to restore educational funding to hire and retain our teachers and improve educational outcomes for all students.

Higher Education

College has become almost mandatory and the socially accepted pathway after high school. The cost of a college education however has become increasingly unaffordable and is leaving students with crippling amounts of debt before they have even started into the workforce. We need to promote more educational pathways into college and work to make college more affordable for every student. Additionally, a college degree is not the only path to success in life. We need to also promote and support skilled trade programs and apprenticeships. Every student is different and we need to support a variety of options to help all people succeed.


Housing Affordability

One of the biggest parts of the American Dream is homeownership. It allows families to have a sense of belonging and allows them to start investing in and participating in their communities. El Paso County has seen an explosion of housing development that remains unaffordable to a majority of families. Corporations have been buying up homes further straining the housing market and consequentially driving up rental prices. This current situation is unlivable. We need to address the need for more affordable housing and begin to put Colorado families into Colorado homes.